Market data the way it should be.


CPX Market Data presents Bolt and Zapper.


Bolt is a lighting fast normalized market data feed for every order book and trade across numerous cryptocurrency exchanges.  Every tick is unfiltered, processed, compressed and sent to clients which automatically database every event.  Late subscribers are automatically caught up and historical market data can be purchased from CPX.  Data can be replayed as if it was occurring in real time for historical research with zero code changes.  Live trading systems can be swapped in using the same code that was used for historical data research for a seamless transition for quantitative researchers and traders.


Zapper is a full suite of algorithms to manage trading large positions relative to available volume.  Algorithm types available are TWAP, VWAP and Iceberg.  Guarantee execution time horizon with TWAP, while orders with lower urgency can participate when more volume is available with VWAP.  Clients of CPX maintain safety of their API keys and secrets to their accounts to exchanges, as CPX servers will send algorithmic child order instructions to client side software which ultimately send live orders to the exchanges.  With this trustless architecture, CPX will never have access to your funds on any cryptocurrency exchange.



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CPX core values are excellence, precision and diligence.  We strive to bring you the most complete market data solution for cryptocurrency markets and put you on the cutting edge.  As cryptocurrency markets mature, we realize there will be an increasing demand for an institutional grade market data feed.